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    Discuss the Synergy Program, Ridwan Kamil Gathered Regional Secretary in West Java


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil gathered Regional Secretary (Sekda) in West Java in Gedung Sate, Bandung, Wednesday (12/09/2018).

    The event titled Development Synergy was attended by West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa and all West Java provincial echelon II officials. Ridwan Kamil himself when the event began at 10.00 did not appear because it was still in the West Java Regional Police.

    Iwa Karniwa Regional Secretary said that there were 25 Regional Secretary present at the event except the Regional Secretary of Bogor and the Regional Secretary of Kuningan who reportedly were sick. While echelon II only four officials were absent because there was an event that could not be represented.

    "This event is part of the implementation of government regulations where the governor is the representative of the central government in the region. Based on the PP, the Governor and the Deputy Governor will provide direct information regarding the vision and mission and campaign promises which are now in the process of being submitted for discussion into the 2018-2023 RPJMD Regional Regulation, "he explained.

    According to Iwa, based on Article 91 paragraph 1 of Law 23/2014, the governor has an obligation to align development planning in the district / city. Because of that Iwa assessed this event as a form of new leadership commitment in West Java.

    "This is a strong signal from the current leadership of Mr. Ridwan Kamil and Kang Uu in building synergy with the regency / city governments in West Java. This is to bring West Java into a position of inner born in collaboration and innovation, "he said.

    Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul also said the event was held so that there was continuity between development in the province and the region. Although the RPJMD has not yet been ratified, his side together with the West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil will convey an overview of the plans of the West Java Provincial Government to develop innovative and collaborative relations with the region.

    "He did not expect the provincial program to not connect with the district / city. Even though somebody say that the regent is a small king, it is true, but collaboratively, has the same goal, "he said.

    He likened airplanes going to the destination area with clear coordinates even if there were interruptions or changes in the trip but with the same purpose, the aircraft would arrive safely. "This means that the goals to be addressed are the same for a just and prosperous society," he said.

    Therefore Uu cautioned the Regional Secretary not to challenge the proposed program offered by the province but not in accordance with Ridwan Kamil-Uu's vision and mission. "In the future, the regional secretaries will choose and sort out what programs are being requested by the district / city," he said.

    While waiting for Emil to arrive, Sekda Iwa lead the regional government performance evaluation to the financial evaluation record. (Pun)

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