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    The Illegal of 34 Fruit Containers from China


    BANDUNG-Member of Commission IV of the House of Representatives Herman discovered there were 34 (thirty four) containers of fruit imports from China are illegal. Therefore, there was no health insurance and the material in each containers was different with permission shown.

    "These fruit imports with a total weight of 609.9 tons should be pear, but in the field was found that in each container there are only two stacking cardboard of pear, while the rest are orange,” said Herman in a press release received jabarprov.go.id, Saturday (5/3).

    Herman explained, it found 34 containers of fruit imports from Tingkok with the Commission IV when did the working visits to the Port of Tanjung Perak, Surabaya, Friday (4/3).

    This illegal importation has potential losses of 2.2 trillion rupiah.

    "I asked the government to return these illegal fruits into the origin country. It was also rotten, which can bring the fruit fly of Bactrocera tsuneonis types that can transmit diseases and detrimental to health,” said PKS Legislator of electoral district of West Sumatra.

    Besides this returning, Herman also asked the government to immediately take legal action against the fruit importer. Therefore, this illegal practice has violated the Food Act of 2012, particularly Article 37 paragraph 1, namely that imported food must meet the requirements of safety, quality, nutrition, and does not conflict with religion, faith and culture.

    "It has violated the law, and should be dealt with firmly. Revoke the licenses,” said Herman.


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