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    Stability and Conduciveness, Key to the Peaceful Legislative Election and Presidential Election in 2019


    BANDUNG-Multi-party Democracy, is a political system adopted by Indonesia. So various political parties are competing in general elections, and all have the right to take control of the tasks of the government, both separately and in coalitions.

    The Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil, said that with such a political climate, everything moves dynamically. So that it requires stability and conduciveness in every political movement.

    "Let's shout the spirit of peace and cool spirit in the 2019 legislative elections (Pileg) and Presidential Election (Pilpres)," said the Governor of West Java in the Joint Declaration in the Framework of Realizing the 2019 Pileg and Peace Presidential Election, in the Moelyono Hall of West Java Regional Police Headquarters, Wednesday (12/09/2019).

    Emil, his nickname, said that the spirit of neutrality was a basic need for the implementation of democracy in Indonesia. In the 2019 Pileg and Pilpres, there are 20 parties that would be the people's choice. "So the more parties the higher the dynamics," said Emil.

    The KPU's task, continued Emil, was to carry out the best in the Pileg and Pilpres in 2019. Because the political costs incurred were not small. "Therefore, with very expensive costs. The number one requirement is stability and conduciveness," he said.

    Emil also told of his experience in the 2018 Pilgub. He felt that the sense of security was present, that it was comfortable, so that West Java was worthy of being a pilot of an extraordinary election process.

    "This is because the leaders of the Regional Police and Kodam III / SLW are synergistic, and uphold neutrality to the voting day," he said.

    Emil also said, that at this time, a dispute could be started from a gadget. In contrast to the New Order era, it was not a massive period of mobilization but from information, or hoax.

    "News can lie, photos can be edited, therefore I leave party leaders so supporters don't spread news that hasn't been verified." "It's easy, it's not in the mainstream media. If there is a news value, the news agency must be loaded," he said.

    In addition, false news also usually goes to the WhatsApp application. Related parties can monitor the information. "Including the role of the ulama, to intensify lectures that prohibit spreading false news," he said.

    "Choose leaders because they have a solid solution. Now is the era of democratic ideas, not hatred," Emil continued.

    Emil said, it would support the budget side for the KPU, Bawaslu, also for the TNI / Polri, and other institutions related to the democratic party. In addition, it will also be ready to work from the side of coordination for the success of the 2019 Pileg and Pilpres.

    "Until one day, I saw a democratic party like a cultural feast, happy so that people don't get bored," he hoped.

    the Head of West Java KPU Chairman Yayat Hidayat said that the 2019 Election in West Java was expected to run well. According to him, throughout the experience in organizing the 2018 Pilgub is the organization of a comfortable democratic party.

    "All stages are very comfortabl, There is nothing that makes 'pabaliut.' "This excellent experience is a capital for all of us to give even better achievements," said Yayat.

    "Democracy thrives on the land of Pasundan," continued Yayat. Indonesia deserves to be used as a reference for the project as an example of peaceful democracy for all countries in the world. West Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General Agung Budi Maryoto revealed that with the declaration held at "his headquarters", various parties were ready to succeed in peaceful elections in 2019.

    The declaration was read with the elements of Forkopimda Jabar, the head of the KPU, Kabinda, the head of the MUI, the leaders of mass organizations, party leaders, FKUB, community leaders, and religious leaders. "We support all the government's efforts in order to succeed in the 2019 Pileg and Pilpres and maintain security and peace for the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia," said the Regional Police Chief.

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