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    UU: 1 Muharam Moments of the Muslims Resurrection


    TASIKMALAYA - Commemorating the Islamic New Years of 1440 Hijriah has become a momentum for the rise of Muslims throughout the world.

    Deputy Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said one of the things that wanted to be realized in the midst of the people of West Java was the application of the hijriah date in daily activities. Not only limited to religious warnings.

    He mentioned many religious activities that implemented the Hijriah calendar such as the month of Ramadan, Syawal, Nuzulul Quran, and Zulhijah. He hopes that the Hijri commemoration is not only limited to the momentum of the religious commemoration ceremony but the people of West Java, especially Muslims, memorize and use the Hijriah calendar in their lives.

    "Our hope is that all Muslims will always memorize and use the Hijri date as it has been implemented in Tasikamalaya District with the format above hijriah on the date of the Mass right below it," he told reporters in Manonjaya village, Tasikmalaya regency, Tuesday night (09/11/2018) .

    Uu added that the application of the Hijri date was done so that the community would be closer to religious activities.

    "Don't, on the contrary, be more familiar with the "masehi" dates than the Hijri date," he said.

    In addition, Uu hopes that the Islamic New Year 1440 H will be the momentum of the unity of the three elements of society, namely the ulama, politicians and businessmen who once existed in the figure of prophet Muhammad SAW.

    "So do not dispute. As long as you are not united we will be marginalized," he said.

    This Muharam month, continued Uu, is often called the hijrah month which has the meaning of hijrah from bad behavior to being good as well as migrating from a bad place to a better place.

    "This Muharam month is also often referred to as the Muslim Hijrah month," he added.

    Uu added that at the peak of the commemoration of the 1440 H Islamic New Year, the West Java Provincial Government planned to carry out various activities which included Tablig Akbar with lecturers Ustazd Abdul Somad, also giving donations to orphanages.

    "We have proposed that the 10 Muharam plan be held by Tablig Akbar by presenting ustazd Abdul Somad," he concluded. (Pun)

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