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    UU Will Roll out the Ajengan Admission Program


    TASIKMALAYA - Deputy Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum will roll out the Ajengan Masuk Sekolah (AMS) program at Senior high school and vocational high school (SMA / SMK) level in West Java.

    The program aims to instill and moral values to students delivered directly by the ajengan (kiyai).

    "All this time the students are considered to be busy with gadjets. so that children, especially for high schools managed by the province, have direct scientific understanding from ulama and kiyai," he told reporters in Manonjaya village, Tasikmalaya regency, Tuesday night (11/9/2018).

    It is different with non-Muslim senior high school / vocational high school students, he said the religious lessons would be adjusted so as to increase the students' faith.

    "For example, the pastor goes to school for non-Muslims. The point is there is religious education in each school. The aim is to increase the students' faith," he added.

    Uu said that the AMS program would strengthen each other with religious teachers who were already in school, so there would be no overlapping.

    He hopes that with the AMS program, high school students in West Java besides having a broad knowledge base are also equipped with character. "We are sure that every parent will be proud if their children are smart and have good manners," he added.

    With regard to National Santri Day which falls on the October 22nd, Uu will also roll out various programs. One of them at the height of the commemoration, a National Santri Day special ceremony will be held with a chaplain's ceremonial inspector.

    "There was a ceremony by inviting representatives of several Islamic boarding schools in West Java. The Kyai was directly involved and the place was in the gasibu," he said.

    Besides that a competition was held between Islamic boarding schools in West Java with the main prize of Umrah and operational cars for outstanding students.

    "The main prize can be in the form of Umrah and cars," he concluded. (Pun)

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