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    BI Destroys Tens of Thousands of Fake Money


    BANDUNG-Indonesia Bank West Java Region (Jabar) together with the West Java Regional Police, the West Java High Prosecutor's Office conducts activities to destroy counterfeit money. Destruction was carried out at the BI West Java office on Jalan Braga, Bandung, Wednesday (12/09/2018).

    The amount of money destroyed was said to reach 14,294 sheets, consisting of the smallest denominations of Rp 2000 to Rp 100,000, where the money was secured by the West Java Regional Police and the findings of BI West Java.

    BI Deputy Representative Office of West Java, Ismet Inono, said that the money destroyed was a finding throughout 2017 until August 2018 that came from public reports, police, and bank findings.

    "About 85 percent are the findings of the bank, the rest are police and the community," he explained.

    He said this activity was a form of coordination and synergy between Indonesia Bank West Java Province and West Java Regional Police related to several things that need to be followed up, especially those relating to the authority of Indonesia Bank in the payment system, namely regulating and maintaining the smoothness of the payment system as stated in the Act of Indonesia Bank as the central bank based on Law No. 7 of 2011 concerning currencies.

    In West Java this finding occurred in several regions. From January to August 2018 found in Subang as many as 207 sheets, Regency of Bandung as many as 185 sheets, District Sukabumi 180 sheets, Garut regency as much as 118 sheets, Sumedang Regency as much as 21 pieces and the City of Bandung as much as 7 sheets.

    "2018 found 714 pieces. This means that there is a decline compared to 2017," he concluded. (Jo)

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