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    West Java BI Opens Counterfeit Analysis Center Laboratory


    BANDUNG - Representative Office (KPw) Indonesia Bank West Java (West Java) inaugurates the BI Regional Counterfeit Analysis Center Laboratory (BI-RCAC Lab) at Jalan Braga, Bandung City, Wednesday (12/09/2018).

    BI Deputy KPw of West Java, Ismet Inono, said that the laboratory was a joint effort from BI to assist law enforcement officials in analyzing alleged evidence of money.

    "This laboratory can be used to conduct money research that is doubtful of its authenticity with the support of sophisticated equipment and highly skilled experts," he explained.

    Ismet stressed this laboratory as one of BI's contributions to joint efforts to eradicate and prevent the circulation of counterfeit money in the West Java region.

    "This is certainly to support the police in handling criminal acts of money forgery," he said.

    In addition to providing laboratories, BI also often gave workshops to the police to get to know the circulation of money to get to know the scope of counterfeit money from the banking side.

    "It is necessary to have a good collaboration with law enforcement agencies in preventing and cracking down on counterfeit money. "Such as providing equipment and strict enforcement with maximum punishment for perpetrators of counterfeit money and funders for these crimes," he said. (jo)

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