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    Job Lecture III, Pasis Seskoau A-55 Visit Thailand


    West Bandung Regency-Lecture III (KK III) is one of the application teaching materials on the Seskoau A-55 TP Education Education Base, which is given and implemented by all Student Officers.

    The purpose of this Job Lecture III is that Pasis is able to analyze, synthesize and evaluate the country's defense system that will be visited and its influence on Indonesia's national defense, and can find or formulate an appropriate academic and applicable study, in order to create a concept of strategic value .

    The implementation of KK III lasts for 4 days, starting on the 3rd-6th September 2018 followed by all Pasis and officials of Seskoau, Lecturers, Guiding Officers and Supporters totaling 208 people.

    The theme raised was "Network Centrik Warfare (NCW) development strategy to ensure the interoperability of elements of the combat of the Indonesian Air Force in order to support the World Maritime Axis Program".

    The places visited include, among others, the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) in Bangkok, Thailand Air Force Headquarters, Thailand Seskoau, Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Thai Ministry of Defense.

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