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    Ridwan Kamil is Grieving the Death Accident at Cikidang


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil also condolences the deadly bus accident that vanished the lives of 21 passengers in Cikidang, Sukabumi Regency.

    "I am so sorrowful for the accident, hopefully given fortitude and patience. It's very sad that accidents are usually rare in the area," said Emil, in his nickname, in Bandung, Saturday (08/09/2018).

    Emil has asked local authorities to ensure the evacuation of victims are going well. From the provisional report he received, a bus accident that fell into the abyss was indicative of relieved brakes and driver negligence. For that, Emil ordered the Transportation Department to immediately write a strict sanction to autobus companies.

    "I also ordered the Department of Transportation to write to autobus companies to check the health of drivers and their vehicle feasibility because this is an indication of relieved brake," he said.

    With that, he hopes similar tragedy won't be repeated in the same place and other areas.

    "Hopefully my warning in the future there will no longer be accidents caused by the negligence of the driver or vehicle security system," he hoped.

    In addition, there are also said the bus accidents that carry groups of employees of motorbike dealers, caused by geographical factors. The sloping, cornering and uphill road contours in the area are said to be similar to the road on the Emen hill in Subang Regency. However, Emil could'nt conclude that a single accident was caused by geographical factors.

    "I don't understand whether this is like the Emen climb which is geographically very extreme, I have'nt been able to report," he said.

    However, his party will soon hold a meeting with West Java Transportation Agency and other related parties to ascertain the cause of the accident which brought 29 passengers and 2 drivers and conductor.

    "Regarding this (geographical factor), I will get it with Department of Transportation to make sure if that accident because of the sharp bend, slope or whatever. If it turns out that is the problem we will take engineering measures to improve," he explained.

    Now, the victims died and wounded were being handled intensively at Palabuhanratu Regional Hospital. "The plan will be to review, we will see first," concluded Emil.

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