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    Djarot: Take advantage of Nuclear Reactors for Welfare


    BANDUNG-National Nuclear Energy Agency (Batan) invites the public to be able to utilize 3 nuclear reactors belonging to Batan each TRIGA 2000 Reactor in Bandung City, Kartini Reactor in Yogyakarta and All-round Reactor to G.A Siwabessy with a capacity of 30 Megawatts.

    Head of Batan, Djarot Sulistio Wisnubrata said, the three reactors had different functions, for the TRIGA 2000 reactor which was built in 1965 with a capacity of 2MW intended to produce radioisotopes, conduct analysis for testing food and environmental samples, as well as health, industry and universities. ,

    For the Kartini Reactor which was built in 1979 with a capacity of 2kW it functions to train reactor operators and is utilized for various research and development in the field of physics and reactor technology.

    While the Multipurpose Reactor G.A Siwabessy (RSG GAS), which is the largest research reactor in the Southeast Asia region with a capacity of 30MW, can provide iptek nuclear technology and production services in the form of irradiation and isotope production.

    "The third age of the reactor is not young, so we do revitalization on several components to ensure the continuity of Irradiation services and radio isotope production that is needed by the community," he said.

    Djarot said, looking at the capacity of these 3 reactors, the number of people and companies that use this research reactor is still small, although the number has reached hundreds, so we invite the public to take advantage of the existence of this reactor.

    "from the existing customers, around 40% are universities, 30% are health and the rest are like industrial sectors," said Djarot, at the Applied Nuclear Science and Technology Center (PSTNT) Jln. Tamansari, Bandung, Friday (07/09 )

    Djarot said, to increase the number of customers, he would make a move to pick up the ball by coming directly to a number of PTs, health agencies and industries including to other stakeholders to be able to utilize the reactors that we have.

    "In the past we only waited for customers who came, but now, we will pick up the ball and make a presentation about the reactor capabilities we have," he concluded. (Parno)

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