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    Patdono: LLDIKTI Must Give the Best Service


    BANDUNG-As mandated by Law No. 12 of 2012 concerning the establishment of institutions that assist the Ministry in improving the quality of higher education in the regions, a Higher Education Service Institute (LLDIKTI) was formed to replace Kopertis.

    According to the Directorate General of Institutional and Science and Technology of the Directorate of Higher Education (IPTEK DIKTI), Patdono Suwignjo, if in the past Kopertis had only conducted supervision, control and guidance or private universities, now it was not only private universities but also state universities (PT).

    "The scope of work is increasing not only PT Private but PT State, but the most fundamental is actually the authority of the LLDIKTI is greater," Patdono said, on the sidelines of the LLDIKTI Rakor, at the Courtyard Marriot Hotel in Bandung, Friday (07/09).

    Patdono stated, the authority of the LLDIKTI implements the policies issued by the Director General of Institution and other director general, while the Director General only oversees the LLDIKTI, if there is a policy in the Ministry that is not good it will be told.

    "In the past, those who made policies including those that processed the establishment of the PT and the new Study Program were authorized by the Ministry through the Director General of Institution, now the Director General is only strengthening policies, the implementation is carried out by LLDIKT," he said.

    Because according to Patdono, as a consequence of the assignment, the LLDIKTI organization needs to be improved so that it can carry out a wider work so that it is expected that services to consumer stakeholders from the Ministry can be faster and cheaper.

    "In the past, if there was a PT that would make a new study program, the ministry must lower its team for a long time and be expensive, now it is not because in every province there is an LLDIKTI," he concluded. (Parno)

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