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    Defeating BNPT Radicalism in Attract Netizens


    BANDUNG-National Counter Terrorism Agency (BNPT) attracts a number of netizens, especially bloggers who have a high number of followers to counter radicalism.

    The head of BNPT, Commander General of Police Suhardi Alius, said that the recruitment of anti-radicalism volunteers was carried out in order to provide understanding to the public about the dangers of terrorism, especially among the famous millennials who often use social media.

    "756 people have become Anti-Radicalism Ambassadors. We educate 60 people from each city. We are selected through examinations. These volunteers consist of bloggers and netizens who have a lot of followers," he told reporters at the Widyatama campus in Bandung on Friday (7/9 / 2018)

    Suhardi said that the volunteers had spread in 12 cities, the average age was 15-25 years. Their job is to spread anti-radicalism ideologies with millennial language so that it is easily understood by the younger generation.

    "The recruitment of volunteers is considered effective because it targets young people. Moreover, the child today are given information on millennial language that will be more affected and connected," he said.

    Aside from netizens, BNPT also recruits public figures and celebrities in the country such as anti-radicalism ambassadors, namely former chocolate band vocalist Kikan, and Ivan Slank.

    He said that not a few of them volunteered to provide assistance to erode radicalism.

    "These artists or public figures offer themselves to help eradicate anti-radicalism," he added.

    While other efforts from BNPT, namely monitoring various radical sites for example handling telegram cases. However, Suardi considered that all efforts made would be useless if there was not active role from the community in resolving the problem of radicalism.

    "The most important part of the community is not easy to spread hoax information including hateful information," he said.

    He mentioned so far the pattern of spreading hate speech or hoax through a combination of social media (online) and offline. For this reason, it is necessary to regenerate the spirit of nationalism in the community.

    "So, before explaining the anti-radicalism, I discussed the national question first, we have to reconnect it, we remember history," he said.

    Suhardi added that the community must also accept the back of the actress and his family so that he could return to live a normal life so he could love the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

    "They should not be marginalized because it is easier to return to the original network. We embrace them to return to the Republic of Indonesia," he concluded. (Jo)

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