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    PLN Applied One Door Service (LSP)


    BANDUNG-One form of appreciation of PLN in the framework of 2018 National Customer Day is to open a One-Door Service (LSP) for all low-voltage (TR) customers. LSP is an integrated service system application that combines application requests for new connections / added power and service applications for Certificate of Worthiness (SLO).

    "This service is provided by PLN in collaboration with the Government and the Institute of Technical Inspection-Low Voltage (LIT-TR)," said the Head of PLN Corporate Communication Unit I Made Suprateka, Tuesday (4/9).

    The facilities provided through LSP include practical and uncomplicated procedures, guarantee of service time with SLA, waivers of fees through the connection fee installment facility up to 24 times.

    LSP implementation in the Consumer Business and Industrial power 100-200 kVA (kilo Volt Ampere) already since 2016. nowadays, the LSP is open to all consumers TR started 450 VA up to 197 kVA. For customers with 450 VA s.d. 82,500 VA, LSP applies to New Install services.

    Made added, LSP as a form of service reform was able to bring Indonesia's Getting Electricity (GE) report card to rise to 38th, from the previous 49.

    "This is an excellent service reform, where getting electricity in Indonesia is easier. Business is even easier. This is where PLN is present for customer success, because their success is our success, "Made said.

    Getting Electricity (GE) is one of the 10 indicators into the assessment EoDB (Ease of Doing Business) launched by the World Bank to measure the level of ease business than 190 countries worldwide. 4 GE's assessment criteria are procedures, time, cost, and reliability of supply and transparency of rates. (Jo)

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