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    Customer Day, Iwa Appealed BJB to Improve Services


    BANDUNG - Commemorating National Customer Day which falls on September 4, 2018, it is expected that all public services including banks, especially Jabar Banten Bank (BJB), are able to improve services.

    "I ask the banks and public services, especially Jabar Banten Bank (BJB) which is owned by the West Java community to be able to improve services," said West Java Provincial Regional Secretary (Sekda), Iwa Karniwa at the Widyatama University, Campus in Bandung on Tuesday (4/9 / 2018)

    According to Iwa, the service is not only limited to customer service but starting from the president director to the security guard, and the cleaning service must be able to serve customers well according to the existing duties and functions.

    Based on the results of monitoring at the BJB Bank location, Iwa said that there was an extraordinary concern from all levels of management to cleaning service.

    "I was present immediately at 7:30 this morning to see directly the management and the related staff to improve service to customers," he explained

    In addition, he appealed to customers not to hesitate to make transactions or save at the BJB Bank to be able to improve their economy. Thus, it can gradually reduce unemployment and eliminate the distance between rich and poor.

    "People who have excess money to save at the bank and the bank also allocate the money to the needs of the community so that economic capitalization occurs," he concluded. (jo)

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