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    Bio Farma continues to accelerate the discovery of vaccines and new Life Science products through FRLN


    BANDUNG-Bio Farma once again gathered national level researchers to discuss together, in a series of events at the National Life Science Research Forum (FRLN), which will be held on September 13th, 2018 in Jakarta.

    The activity with the theme "Research and Innovation in the Field of Sustainable Life Science in Indonesia" aims to build synergies between the Government, Universities, Industry and Its Supporting Communities, as an effort to accelerate the development of vaccines and life science products by researchers in the country.

    According to the Director Research and Development of Bio Farma , Adriansjah Azhari in accordance with Presidential Instruction No. 6 of 2016 concerning Acceleration of the Development of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Industry, Bio Farma continues its efforts to accelerate and be independent in developing vaccine products and life science.

    "This is a great mission of Bio Farma for the nation. We want to be a locomotive for life science research in Indonesia. Bio Farma is working hard to accelerate the down streaming and launch of life science products from domestic researchers' research through close collaboration with the Government, including regulatory agencies, and embracing researchers from academia, research institutions and communities, I am optimistic that with good cooperation, research activities of national researchers can produce new products on time and according to the needs of the wider community, "said Adriansjah.

    Adriansjah who is also an expert on current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP), and was once a CPOB BPOM expert, said that he represented Bio Farma very proud of the achievement of the FRLN.

    "Two thumbs up for them! I lift my thumbs up with the achievements of FRLN researchers. The Researchers of life science Indonesia are not inferior to developed country researchers. The Indonesian nation deserves to be proud of the achievements of fellow researchers who are still able to show the results of their work are real. Later when FRLN 2018 will be launching the HBsAg prototype kit and the antiHBsAg kit created by FRLN researchers, each of their functions to detect HBsAg virus and detect immunization success, "said the director who is experienced in commanding Bio Farma's international research collaboration with institutions research institutions in developed countries.

    Neni Nurainy, Bio Farma's senior researcher and Chairperson of the FRLN 2018 Committees, explained further that the kit resulting from the collaboration between Bio Farma & ITB was a follow-up study of the Hepatitis B Consortium consisting of the Eijkman Institute, ITB, BPPT and Bio Farma. HBsAg Kit has advantages over the type of screening diagnostic kits on the market, which is capable of detecting viral titers quantitatively. So the diagnostic results obtained will more accurately describe the condition of the patient being examined compared to the screening kit which only gives positive and negative results.

    Biomedical doctor who has long been involved in recombinant vaccine research is very optimistic that the presence of diagnostic kits funded by Pro LPDP Research - can be the answer to the community's need to protect themselves from the threat of Hepatitis B virus infection which is a real threat. In 2017, it is estimated that this virus has infected 7.1% of the Indonesian population. (Pun)

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