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    Revised Regional Budget Expenditure 2018, the Provincial Government Conveys an Increase Target


    BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Government conveyed the plan to change the West Java Regional Budget (APBDP) in 2018 which had a change of Rp1.29 Trillion.

    The West Java Regional Secretary (Sekda) and Chair of the West Java Regional Government Budget Team (TAPD), Iwa Karniwa, said there were several things related to the changes due to the indicator targets set for the 2018 budget change.

    "I led directly and explained the general description of the APBD Amendments. Among them were changes in the assumptions of general officials and also specifically in the area of income from exceeding financing," Iwa said at the Budget Agency Meeting in the Banmus Meeting Room of the West Java DPRD, Monday (10/9 / 18)

    The provincial government according to him plans to shift the budget between units because of some part that need to be corrected, this is certainly adjusted to the conditions at the time of walking. "Including several related to the remaining auction, this also needs to be utilized in the amendment of this APBD to be more optimal in the use of the 2018 APBD after the changes," Iwa added.

    He also conveyed several macroeconomic indicators that will be carried out in the 2018 APBDP, namely the human development index is targeted between 71% to 71.54%, then the planned education index is 62.51% to 63.50% and several things related to growth the economy will also be pushed between 5.5% to 5.9%, 3.55 + 1% inflation and the latest for investment is targeted at Rp315 trillion to Rp.335.3 trillion.

    Based on this, policies in terms of income include strengthening institutions, intensifying and extending, coordinating regional centers, as well as increasing BUMD dividends, including increasing public trust in the government.

    Regarding expenditure policy, the West Java provincial government will optimize the implementation of mandatory, non-compulsory government affairs, optional government affairs and government support affairs.

    Then on 2015-2019 RPJMN, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Good Governance, as well as education functions 20% of the total, health function 10% of expenditure, infrastructure functions 10% of the total Motor Vehicle Taxes, and optimization of the use of regional assets, and granting awards for outstanding athletes.

    "That is roughly the budget policy that we are trying to do so that the 2018 pure revenue target is IDR 31.96 trillion, in the plan of change with some improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, etc. it will be IDR 33.25 trillion so that there is an increase of IDR 1.29 trillion. The proposed expenditure of Rp. 33.9 trillion is planned to be allocated Rp. 35.7 trillion, so that there is an increase in expenditure of Rp. 1.7 trillion, "Iwa explained.

    Sekda said from the 2018 Pure APBD, the change budget increased by 5.25%. One of these increases be also to support the quick response program initiated by West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil and Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul. "We have prepared this program because it will be launched soon," said the Secretary.

    Regarding the lack of budget, the Regional Secretary ensured that this could be closed from the results of Silpa's calculation of BPK which reached Rp.2,478 trillion. The party targets the 2018 Amendment Budget discussions to be completed by the end of September and at the same time can be determined.

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