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    35th National Sports Day, West Java Provincial Government Disbursed Rp1.35 M "Kadeudeuh" For Achieving Athletes


    BANDUNG - Commemoration of the 35th National Sports Day (Haornas) at the level of West Java Province in 2015, the Regional Government of West Java Province again gave appreciation in the form of appreciation and 'kadeudeuh' money to outstanding sportsmen who have made the name of West Java and Indonesia famous. The total of 'kadeudeuh' given reached Rp1.35 billion.

    the West Java Deputy Governor Uu Rizhanul Ulum presided at the 35th Haornas commemoration which was held on the Gedung Sate courtyard on Monday (10/9/18). Deputy Governor Uu also gave direct awards to 40 people, including outstanding athletes, outstanding coaches, referees, former sportsmen, sports teachers, scientists, coaches, organizations and sports journalists.

    The athletes who won medals at the 2018 Asian Games from West Java were also presented at the commemoration including the Pencak silat athletes who held a special celebration is Hanifan Yudani Kusumah. They also get kadeudeuh money which was submitted early last month.

    "I am proud that on the first day of my work, I immediately gave awards to our athletes who achievement," said Uu.

    Uu said that this year he and Governor Ridwan Kamil had designed policies to advance of the sports world through the Jabar Juara program, both of sports achievements and recreational sports. According to him, an important factor to make it happen is improving health.

    "The policy for advancing sports in West Java with Kang Emil actually already exists in the West Java Champion program and health is the dominant factor," he said.

    Another form of support, continued Uu is in the form of sports infrastructure. Previously the West Java Provincial Government had declared that each region had a large stadium. According to Uu, the policy will continue in his leadership.

    "There used to be a large stadium 1 program in each regency / city. Why not, we can continue the program as a driver of achievement. If you want achievement but the ingredients are not noticed, it's not right. Of course other support is budget," said Uu.

    On that occasion, Uu read a speech commemorating the 35th Haornas, Menpora Imam Nahrawi. The main theme of the 2018 Haornas is "Let's Sport, Build Indonesia". In these years there were many important sports events in the country such as the Asian Games, "Asian Para Games". There are also national and international events in the field of sports achievements and recreation. Among them is Poco-Poco world record, traditional sports national festival, bicycle nusantara, Gala Desa and tiered soccer league.

    "Congratulations on commemorating the 35th Haornas, in the future all Indonesian citizens must love sports and make it a lifestyle," Uu read the Menpora speech.

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