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    A Number of PKS Candidates for Governor of West Java


    BANDUNG - Although the implementation of the West Java gubernatorial election will be conducted in 2018, but some candidates have started to showed.

    According to the President of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) Sohibul Faith, a number of names in the list of PKS is prepared to compete in the West Java gubernatorial election who have derived from the internal party and outside the party.

    “Those who are including in the PKS candidates are the mayor of Bandung Ridwan Kamil, Deddy Mizwar, Deputy Chairman of the Parliament of Bandung Haris Yuliawan, Chairman of the PKK Netty Heryawan Prasetyani and member of West Java parliament Tate Komarudin," he said.

    Sohibul Iman said these names are now included in the party's radar who then can run promoted by the party.

    "Today it has not been narrowed to the candidates, I think it will be a lot of names will appear, but it will also increasingly looked whose ready to compete," said Sohibun, told reporters at the Training event and Symposium of Regional Head and the Regional Legislative, at Hotel Arya Duta, Wednesday (02/03).

    Sohibul added, the name of Ridwan Kamil included after he wasn’t run for Jakarta gubernatorial election in 2017.


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