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    Shubuh Pray Together, the Momentum of the Awakening of the Moeslem Community


    KAB. MAJALENGKA-In his first working visit to the region, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil immediately went to Majalengka to get Shubuh Pray together in the Grand Mosque of Al Imam. He wants the Shubuh Prayer to be a momentum for the resurrection of the people.

    This is in accordance with the Vision and Mission of West Java, West Java, the Inner Born Champion. Champion, meaning that the citizens of West Java including Majalengka citizens must become competitive citizens. While born physically, it means not only building infrastructure but also mentality and spirituality.

    "I leave as much as possible this (Shubuh Pray together) as a new awakening. Don't just chase the world, but the hereafter can't. If we pursue the afterlife the world must come," said Kang Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname during the Shubuh Prayer in the Great Mosque Al Imam, Majalengka Kulon, Majalengka District, Sunday morning (9/9/18).

    "It's important to build a balance between being born and knowing," he said.

    According to Emil, Shubuh Prayer is the most difficult worship because it must at the beginning of time. The target of this Shubuh activity is the young people who like to stay up late.

    "Instead of staying up late, I would like to invite Tahajud, and we continue to pray together," Emil said.

    In addition, Emil emphasized as a leader he must invite his citizens to kindness and obedience to Allah, the prophet, and leaders. This is a good momentum for Kang Emil as a person who has power. It can expand one's worship, because with power we can appeal to and mobilize people or the community to worship.

    "Ustadz Abdul Somad said, the greatest da'wah was with power. Use that power for da'wah," said Emil.

    The Shubuh Prayer activities together become one of the spiritual programs of Kang Emil and Kang Uu, in addition to programs such as Maghrib Mengaji and Zakat Online.

    "We are also preparing a program to pay zakat via online or via cellphone. We have digital da'wah and prepare English language training for scholars," said Emil.

    Also attending were Kang Emil, the Regent of Majalengka Sutrisno and the Regional Secretary of Majalengka District Ahmad Sodikin. In addition, there were also heads of sub-districts and village heads from all Majalengka.

    Leader, Be Careful With Your Oral!

    Kang Emil emphasized that a leader must be able to maintain his oral. Oral can be the deadliest weapon in the world. Including verbally can bring good to many people.

    "Be a leader, number one is maintaining oral. The sharpest weapon in the world is oral, it will make 'raheut' to something extraordinary. Because oral, millions of people will die because of calls for war, for example," said Emil.

    On this occasion, Emil also conveyed his tips to become a leader or official. Emil said that a position should'nt be a goal.

    "If the position is a goal, usually no change that can be done, because of wrong intentions," he said.

    Being a leader or official must be intended as worship and to be able to make changes. And being a leader, said Emil, must have a patient attitude.

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