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    Kang Emil Called Panyaweuyan Majalengka the Most Beautiful Garden in the World


    MAJALENGKA REGENCY-Majalengka Regency has many unique and interesting tourism potentials. West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil was fascinated by the view of Panyaweuyan or terracing which he called the most beautiful garden in the world.

    His admiration for the beauty of this terracing was spilled on his social media account. The picture was crowded on the Governor's social media account, or familiarly called Kang Emil.

    "I was fascinated by a photo in Panyaweuyan which in my opinion is terracing the most beautiful garden in the world. Just lack of promotion, I am as the Governor of West Java will promote later," said Kang Emil when attending the 57th Scout Day and Scouting Award West Java Province in 2018 at Gedung Generasi Muda (GGM), Jl. KH. Abdul Halim of Majalengka Regency, Saturday night (8/9/18).

    Kang Emil said he was very happy in Majalengka. According to him, Majalengka has a lot of tourism potential that makes him fall in love with this Wind City.

    "I am very happy, I was in a special place. During the Pilkada I found extraordinary things and I fell in love with Majalengka," said Emil.

    "This regency has a lot of tourism potential, just a little touch," he continued.

    Kang Emil is determined under his leadership, the West Java Provincial Government will develop the tourism potential of Majalengka complete with their supporting infrastructure. Kang Emil will disburse a Rp. 15 Billion budget for the arrangement of Majalengka Square, Rp. 20 Billion to build a creative center, Rp. 15 Billion to build a cultural center, and Rp. 40 Billion for structuring road access to tourism places.

    Kang Emil emphasized the way to build West Java is through innovation. He didn't want his five years of leadership in West Java useless and busy only with political affairs.

    "This way of building in West Java must be different, oriented to change, novelty, to innovative things. We have to jump not the way," he said.

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