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    West Java Scout Champion, This Is Governor Emil's Message


    MAJALENGKA REGENCY- West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil is determined to bring West Java Scouts into Champion scouts in Indonesia. For that, there are several messages that must be considered by scout members throughout West Java.

    Kang Emil, the nickname of Ridwan Kamil, said the West Java Scouts in there were young people who had to be busy. If this young man is busy, they will not deviate from the wrong association.

    "Managing youth in Indonesia is only one way, just make them to be busy. If they're busy, their motoric energy is channeled, their curious energy is channeled, their idealistic energy is channeled, creativity energy is also channeled," said Emil in the 57th Scout Day and Pramuka Award Night Commemoration West Java Province Level 2018 at Gedung Generasi Muda (GGM), Jl. KH. Abdul Halim of Majalengka Regency, Saturday night (8/9/18).

    "But if a young man is not busy, have a lot of free time, lots of free time. There are wrong whispers, there are deviations to deviant associations," he continued.

    Emil emphasized that scouts must also be able to utilize technology properly. The digital revolution can bring changes to the West Java Scouts into the leading scouts in the Indonesian digital revolution.

    "So, this digital revolution will destroy Indonesian youth or we are determined to use technology instead of West Java Scouts as the leading scouts in the Indonesian digital revolution," he said.

    So, Emil hopes that the scout leader in West Java can follow the changing of era. Where the curriculum and perspective also be in accordance with current conditions.

    "I entrust, especially the leader, must be able to understand sunatullah that times change, if times change don't use the old curriculum, old view patterns, old school perspectives. So the leaders must be lively," said Emil.

    Emil also advised West Java Scouts to flow like water. West Java Scout members must be useful and can be used by the community.

    "Scouts must have a philosophy like water. The concave container is given to concave, given the container is a box of water. It means it flows like water," Emil said.

    "Whenever someone needs, top of mind that is remembered is that scouts can certainly," he added.

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