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    Batan Conducts Customer Gathering


    BANDUNG - To get closer to the user community, the National Nuclear Energy Agency (Batan) held a customer meeting at the Applied Nuclear Science and Technology Center (PSTNT) or the establishment of the TRIGA 2000 Reactor at Jln. Tamansari Bandung, on Friday (07/09) .

    Head of the Batan Applied Nuclear Technology Center Jupiter Sitorus Pane said customer gatherings were conducted to provide information to customers regarding the technology owned by 3 nuclear reactors owned by Batan for later use by the public.

    "We use this customer gathering as a place to promote the advantages of using nuclear technology in solving various problems in the community," he said.

    According to Jupiter, 3 reactors belonging to Batan each of the TRIGA 2000 Reactir, Kartini Reactor and the G.A Siwabessy Multipurpose Reactor could be used by the community, such as for irradiation services, testing research samples and producing radioisotopes for agriculture, industrial health and the environment.

    "The use of nuclear reactors is not only for Litbang activities, but can be used to improve the welfare of the community," Jupiter said, on PSTNT Jln. Tamansari, Bandung, Friday (08/09).
    Jupiter hopes that with this customer meeting, the wider community can better understand the use of this research reactor, which of course this nuclear technology is not only for electricity and weapons but wider than that.

    "With this customer meeting, we hope the dissemination process can run and the number of stachokder will increase so that the utilization of nuclear technology can be optimized," he said. (Parno)

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