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    Revamping Citarum, Ridwan Kamil Plans to Move the Entire Plant


    BANDUNG-Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil will seek the Citarum river back to clean. One of the ways is to organize spatial planning on an ongoing basis.

    This was conveyed at the Sertijab Handover ceremony at Gedung Sate, Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung City, Thursday (6/9/2018).

    The man who was familiarly called Emil said that the Citarum river was famous as a dirty river. In fact, the negative image reached the international world and was discussed by foreign media.

    "Citarum is famous for its negativity. We want a new way. The next five years will be clean again, assisted by the central government," he said.

    One of the major agendas is to move all the factories around Citarum to the industrial center in Majalengka. He admitted that this was not easy, but could be realized with the synergy of all stakeholders.

    "This is not easy. But if possible, the Citarum River will again be honored by West Java," he said.

    in addition to Citarum, he spread promises related to the acceleration and equity of economic growth. He pointed out that the development in the West Java region was not evenly distributed.

    "I came to (West Java) South, pity. For that, to the south we will build economic acceleration," he concluded.

    For information, the issue of revamping the Citarum River has been discussed several times, both at the regional and central government levels. The central government created a brand-new program called Citarum Harum Bestari which involved all regions systematically and in synergy. (Pun)

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