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    Emil: South West Java Needs to be Expanded


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil assesses that there needs to be regional expansion, especially in the southern part of West Java. According to him, the number of residents in West Java as many as 48 million people or the largest in Indonesia are not comparable to the number of regions currently namely 27 cities / regencies.

    "So we will fight for pemekaran, the priority is in South West Java," said Emil, his nickname, in Bandung, Friday (7/9/18).

    He compared, East Java Province with a total population of 39 million having 38 cities / regencies. Even with North Sumatra it has 33 regions with a population of 14 million.

    "For example, North Sumatra has a population of 14 million, the area is 33, so the amount of money that emerges is 33 times, we are only 27 times for this very large population," he explained.

    The plan for the expansion of the region will also be aspired to the momentum of the upcoming presidential election.

    "We will aspire to have a presidential election," he said.

    The governor said, the expansion needs to be done so that there will not be vacancies in public services. For example, people in remote areas who manage population administration must travel long distances to get to the regional capital.

    "There are those who have taken 8 hours, they are pity right," he said.

    According to him, West Java was chosen for the expansion because in addition to having a large area, the potential of tourism are very large to be developed. The southern region is also very fertile. This can have an impact on improving people's welfare. If the expansion is realized, there will be no imbalance between the northern, central and southern regions.

    Regarding how many areas will be expanded, Emil has not mentioned the amount. He will discuss it first with the West Java DPRD.

    "How much should be discussed first with the council," he said.

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