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    Acquainted with the Gedung Sate Working Group Journalist, Emil Invited to Play Band


    BANDUNG-Starting his first job as Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil first met journalists from various media based in Gedung Sate. At this first meeting, Emil, his nickname, was invited to play the band by the Chairman of the Gedung Sate Working Groups.

    A fluid atmosphere indeed colored Emil's inaugural meeting with the 70-person Gedung Sate Working Group Journalist. These fellow journalists will oversee each of the Governor's 2018-2023 activities.

    According to Emil, the government must establish good partners with the media. For that, communication and harmonious relationships are needed so that all activities and policies in development in West Java are well informed to the community.

    "It's nice to get to know journalists, this is the first day and I said yesterday the priority was to reporters first," said Emil, Friday (7/9/18), in Gedung Sate.

    In front of reporters, Emil told his character and habits. According to him, each Governor has a different style. For this reason, he hopes journalists can adjust to their habits. Emil also claimed to be cooperative with journalists and ready to be interviewed any time.

    "Every character leader is different. I hope journalists can adjust. When I was in the City Government I was always cooperative with journalists, it was not difficult to be interviewed," he said.

    In the warm conversation, Emil also suggested that the Pokja journalist's office move to another room because it was considered too narrow. However, he completely gave up the decision to move the room to reporters.

    "The room is too narrow, how if you move? But I only offer, if it's comfortable, it's already here, otherwise, we will look for another room," he said.

    "In principle, I will not change anything that is comfortable," he added.

    Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Working Group of the Gedung Sate journalist, Agus Hermawan, revealed that all the media crews were always in good partnership with each Governor.

    "We always partner well with the predecessor governors like Mr. Iriawan, Mr. Aher, Mr. Demiz. We are also ready to help Mr. Emil in developing West Java," Agus said.

    He said that coordination with the Public Relations department had run well so far, especially regarding information on the Governor's activities and materials for reporting.

    "The Public Relations (HUMAS) team often invites us to accompany your activities," he said.

    Apart from journalistic activities, to establish intimacy between fellow media crews and Humas, they often fill it with activities such as futsal, recitation, and to form band group.

    "Hopefully in the future you can play the band with us," Agus said to Emil.

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