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    Emil Will Arrange Gedung Sate to Become a Tourist-Friendly Building


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil plans to rearrange some rooms and courtyard of Gedung Sate, but will not change the main structure because it is a heritage building.

    According to Emil, his nickname, after he visited several corners of Gedung Sate on his first day of office, there were a number of rooms and redundant pages that had to be used.

    "I have an eye as an architect, here a lot of redundant spaces are actually better used by the community as in the backyard, as long as it does not interfere with employee work activities," explained Emil in Gedung Sate, Friday (7/9/18).

    As a cultural heritage building and become a tourist destination, the plan for structuring the Gedung Sate will be a tourist-friendly concept.

    "We want Gedung Sate to be friendly to tourists more than now," he said.

    He wants the building that was built in 1920 does not have a haunted and formal impression.

    "Don't be haunted, don't look very formal like a state palace," he said.

    Emil described the arrangement in several corners of Gedung Sate as in the backyard that would be made in the courtyard. On the page can later be used to receive state guests.

    "For example, in the backyard it will be made like a court. The city of Bandung is cool, so it will be able to eat dinner there, it can also be used to receive state guests," he explained.

    In its 100-day program, Emil will prioritize coordination between regions, then reform public services and that will soon be launched in this first week is the Jabar Quick Response program.

    "Early next week we will release a new Jabar Quick Response program, beyond that there are an office area structuring program including the Gedung Sate," he said.

    The realization of the Gedung Sate arrangement is planned to be carried out in 2019.

    "If set up the Gedung Sate in the next year, that's the budget in 2019," he concluded.

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