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    Social Media Dominated the Spread of Radicalism


    BANDUNG-National Terrorism Management Agency (BNPT) said social media dominate as a land for the spread of radicalism in citizen's lives.

    The Head of BNPT, Commander General of Police Suhardi Alius explained, in to counteract and eradicate radicalism, his party held public lecture activities to various universities in Indonesia.

    "For the past two months BNPT has around to various campus for enlighten them  how to identify radicalism problems that so far had negative impressions such as intolerance, anti-Pancasila, anti-NKRI and the spread of terrorism," he told to reporters at Widyatana campus in Bandung, Thursday (6 / 9/2018).

    According to him, there are several stages, so citizens are trapped in radicalism propagated through social media. For this reason, the wisdom of all parties is needed in receiving various sources of information.

    "Don't too permissive. For example, there is something unusual but left alone. That is the source of the problem," he explained.

    Suhardi also appealed to students and all elements of the citizens, in addition to identifying also reporting radicalism to the campus, both deans and chancellors for finding solutions. The reason is that the younger generation is one of the easy targets for the spread of radicalism.

    "We hope that this young generation will become better guardians of the life of the nation," he concluded. (Pun)

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