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    Ridwan Kamil: West Java Citizens Must Be Happy


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil is determined to make West Java the happiest province in Indonesia. His success led the city of Bandung where the level of happiness of its citizens reached 90 percent planned to be applied in all regions in West Java.

    This determination was said by Ridwan Kamil on his first agenda as West Java Governor, namely when he opened the Indonesian Psychology Association (Himpsi) XII Congress in Bandung, Friday (07/09/2018). "We are determined at the end of my term that West Java citizens must be happy too," he said.

    Emil, nicknamed Ridwan Kamil, said currently the level of happiness of West Java Province is ranked 29th out of 34 Provinces. so, the number of innovations that succeeded in increasing the happiness index in Bandung city, such as increasing public space or parks, interacting through social media, meeting with poor people until the 'Kekasih Juara' program will also be applied in other areas of West Java. But it will be adjusted depending on the conditions of the area.

    "I will use the formula in Bandung, there is social interaction, public space, friendship space, meeting with poor people, 'Kekasih Juara' and many more but if the results are not maximal then we are looking for another way," explained Emil.

    Especially for the 'Kekasih Juara' program or the Silih Asih Vehicle Counseling he said the innovation will be suitable to be applied in areas with high stress levels such as in Depok and Bekasi.

    "One of them is the Kekasih Juara program, if Bandung requires that other areas need it, especially urban areas. Yeah, like Depok and Bekasi, the stress levels are higher," he said.

    Programs to increase happiness, continued Emil, have even been budgeted in the West Java Regional Budget in 2019

    "We will present the program and I have budgeted it in the 2019 APBD," he explained.

    Furthermore Emil said, to achieve happiness is not only merely building physical spaces, but even inner space must be filled. Therefore, he asked for input from Psychologists in the Himpsi congress in the form of new theories to realize the target.

    "Maybe there are new theories from Psychologists that leaders must understand, so I ask for input so that this community is built not only with physical spaces but also for the inner space to be filled," he said.

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