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    Emil: Oded Becomes the Mayor executor of Bandung, Agus Becomes the Regent executor of Tasikmalaya


    BANDUNG - Ridwan Kamil (Emil) issued his first decision as Governor of West Java after being inaugurated on Thursday (06/09/2018) afternoon. After receiving the handover  Governor of the West Java from Mochamad Iriawan, Emil immediately called Deputy Mayor of Bandung Oded M Danial and Deputy Regent of Tasikmalaya Ade Sugianto to Gedung Sate Bandung. Governor Emil assigned both of them to become the executor (Plt) in their respective regions as outlined in the Governor's decree.

    "Today I made the first decision as the Governor of West Java, that to submit a form related to the appointment of the executor (Plt) of Bandung city and Tasikmalaya Regency, because there should not be a government vacuum and no concurrent positions," he said.

    Oded and Agus will become executors until the inauguration of the head definitive regional. As is known after Ridwan Kamil and Uu Ruzhanul Ulum were inaugurated as Governor and Deputy Governor of West Java for the period 2018-2023, automatically there was a vacancy in the position of the Mayor of Bandung and the Regent of Tasikmalaya. Oded M Danial previously was the Deputy Mayor of Bandung will be the executor of Mayor until the end of the term of office at September 16, 2018.

    "Oded M Danial will be the Mayor executor until the end of the post, at September 16, 2018," said Emil.

    The plan is the definitive Mayor of Bandung will be sworn in on September 20, 2018. For that, said Emil, from September 16 to 20 there will be the inauguration of the Mayor executor of Bandung. Most likely, he continued, M Solihin will be re-installed as official Mayor for four days.

    "If Mr. Oded is appointed as the definitive Mayor of Bandung on September 20, 2018 then during the 16-20 September there will be a possible official Mayor that will Mr. Solihin again. After the 20th, Mr. Oded will continue officially as the definitive Bandung Mayor," he explained.

    Likewise in Tasikmalaya, Ade Sugianto, who was previously a deputy of Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, will be the executor District Head until the inauguration of the definitive Regent. The difference, the term of office of the executor Regent Agus Sugianto ended until 2021. So, Emil asked Agus to immediately coordinate with DPRD to determine his Vice-Representative. That way, Agus will be the definitive Regent of Tasikmalaya with the representative he is carrying.

    "The difference between Mr. Agus term of office is until 2021, because of that, I will immediately assign him to communicate with the Tasikmalaya DPRD to determine his Deputy Regent, if its ready, then, he will be officially appointed as the definitive Regent with his Deputy," he said.

    Emil advised Oded and Agus to carry out effective communication with various parties. As promised, Emil will make WA group to facilitate coordination with all regional heads in West Java.

    "Now there is also Presidential Regulation No. 8 of 2018 regarding the authority of the new governor, it must be studied where the boundaries are so, the state administration relations will run well," concluded Emil.

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