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    Handover A Position of West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil & Ruzhanul Ulum Officially Work in Gedung Sate


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil took over the position with Mochamad Iriawan who was previously official Governor, in Gedung Sate, Thursday (06/09/2018), after the inauguration by President Jokowi in the State Palace yesterday.

    This Sertijab ceremony is packaged in a different way. Starting with the reception of the Governor and Deputy Governor of West Java at the gate of Gedung Sate by Iriawan and Iwa Karniwa Regional Secretary accompanied by the Lengser customary process. The ceremony which was held since 09.00 in the morning also involved thousands of people and invitees who witnessed the moment. The security forces deployed hundreds of police personnel who were deployed at several points. Procession of the release of Iriawan was carried out by the Pedang Pora ceremony by 50 Praja IPDN.

    After signing the minutes of the Sertijab Governor and submitting the memory of his position, Iriawan delivered several achievements in leading West Java for 2 months 16 days after he was appointed as Acting Governor on June 18, 2018. He revealed, in the first month of his assignment there were 2 main tasks given by the Minister of Home Affairs. That is streamlining the wheels of government and guarding the simultaneous implementation of West Java 2018 simultaneous elections.

    "Alhamdulillah, the wheels of government are running smoothly through accelerations, the elections are also successful, safe, smooth, conducive, none of the bullets come out, the glass is broken and the blood is dripping," said Iriawan.

    Besides these two main tasks, Iriawan also got the additional task of accelerating the preparation of the national agenda and national strategic infrastructure projects in West Java. Among them are the preparation for the 2018 Asian Games, the Citarum Harum program, the development of BIJB Kertajati, the construction of the Patimban port, the Cisumdawu and Bocimi toll road, four strategic dams and poverty alleviation in southern West Java. The provincial strategic program that is currently underway is the construction of Cikembar Airport, the development of Wiriadinata Airport, Nambo regional TPPAS, Legok Nangka and the implementation of 2018 Porda XV in Bogor Regency.

    "Besides that, there are a number of ideas that I also received responses from the central government," he said.

    The idea included the construction of the Gedebage-Majalaya-Garut-Tasikmalaya-Ciamis-Banjar-Cilacap toll road, which was originally the Cigatas (Cileunyi-Garut-Tasik) toll road. Then the construction of the Sukabumi-Cianjur-Padalarang toll road and the flyover toll road in the City of Bandung south-north axis.

    "Alhamdulillah, the response from the President and the related Minister is quite good," he said.

    In his last speech, Iriawan also conveyed a message to the Governor and new Deputy Governor to focus on escorting BIJB Kertajati where share holders with Angkasa Pura II must prioritize the interests of the people of West Java, continue the Citarum Harum program as a national agenda and issue solutions for poverty alleviation in South West Java .

    "I am sure that the new leadership succession in West Java can lead to a better direction under Pak Ridwan Kamil and Pak UU," he said.

    Now, Iriawan is back in focus as Sestama Lemhanas in Jakarta. As a true apparatus and Bhayangkari, he claimed to be ready to be deployed wherever and whenever needed. But as a native of West Java and some time ago has been crowned as an inohong in West Java, he still has a strong commitment to continue to build and serve West Java.

    At the end of his remarks, Iriawan also expressed his gratitude to all officials and staff of the West Java Provincial Government who had supported and accompanied him during his assignment.

    "Hopefully goodness is rewarded and worth the reward of Allah SWT. I am behalf of my personal and family also apologize if there is a mistake both words and deeds," he concluded.

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