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    Emil: West Java 'Ngabret' For Next Five Years


    BANDUNG-In next five years West Java will accelerate in various sectors. According to the West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil or Kang Emil, the acceleration was called the West Java 'Ngabret' term. This was revealed by Kang Emil in his welcoming speech at Gedung Sate, Thursday (6/9/2018).

    "Basically, West Java 'ngabret' has five years' imprecision, Insha Allah. There will be accelerations in both the development, system and performance of ASN," he said, greeted by applause from the audience.

    According to Emil, among the acceleration of the system is the digitalization of work and the performance of ASN at the West Java Provincial Government.

    "A small example is to create a WA Governor group with the Regents and Mayors throughout West Java to accelerate information. If possible, through WA, why do you have a physical meeting, like that," he said.

    The welcoming ceremony between the Deputy Governor-Governor and the West Java Governor Act took place in an official atmosphere but remained warm. In addition to officials within the West Java Provincial Government and the Mayor , there were also West Java elders, including former Governor and Deputy Governor Danny Setiawan and Nu'man Abdulhakim. (Pun)

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