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    Customs and Excise Failed the Narcotics Smuggling about Rp. 1.7 Billion


    BANDUNG-Bandung Customs Officer with the BNNP Interdicted Team of West Java with the support of the MPC Bandung Post Office 40400 successfully defeating the Cathinone Narcotics smuggling attempt with a total gross weight of approximately 25,000 grams and MDMA (Ecstasy) of approximately 2,003 items sent through postal parcels at the 4040 MPC Bandung Post Office with a total value about Rp 1.7 billion.

    Head of DJBC West Java Regional Office, Syaifullah Nasuition, explained, from the results of the analysis and inspection, the officers managed to secure Cathinone (dry Khat) around 25,000 grams on April 9, 2018 and May 30, 2018.

    Bandung Customs Officer also have prevented shipment from Ethiopia arriving in the Post Office, which is notified as packaged Green Tea, with a total gross weight about 25,000 (twenty-five thousand) grams.

    "The recipient of the goods is a woman with the initials LP from Bandung," he told to reporters at the Customs Office in Bandung, Wednesday afternoon (05/09/2018).

    Based on the results of the examination samples of goods sent to BPIB Jakarta, shows that the items are Narcotics Group 1 type Cathinone (Dry Khat) which has been dried.

    "Then the evidence in the form of Cathinone plant was handed over to BNNP West Java for further processing," he said.

    Meanwhile, on August 27, 2018, starting from the results of the analysis and inspection of x-ray machines, Customs Officer found an anomaly (suspicion) of the items of postal items on packages from Belgium addressed to LAA having that addressed at Karawang. He succeeded in securing 2,003 ecstasy pills.

    "On the suspicion of officers, a number of pink tablets were hidden which were hidden in the bottom of the four pairs of sandals," he said.

    After conducting laboratory tests at BPIB Jakarta, it was identified that the pill was a methylenedioxy-methylamphetamine or ecstasy amounting about to 2003 items that Narcotics of Group I, according to Regulation of the Minister of Health number 7 of 2018 concerning Changes in Narcotics Classification.

    "The evidence in the form of Ecstasy about 2,003 items were handed over to BNNP West Java for further processing," he concluded. (Pun)

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