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    National Rice Reserves are very Safe


    BANDUNG - National reserve rice stocks are still very safe, so citizens don't need to worry. The stock comes from the procurement of Bulog and a portion of imports.

    The Bulog Supervisory Board / Expert Minister for Strategic Food Distribution and Distribution Division Spudnik Sujono said that currently the Government Rice Reserve (CBP) in Bulog entire Indonesia reaches 2.1 million tons.

    "If you look at the stock, the inventory is safe until April 2019," he explained.

    The reserve rice stocks are spread in bulog warehouses, including around 1.2 million tons of rice which is imported rice, stored for the purpose of stabilizing rice prices.

    "We must have to secure the stock, especially next year is the political year, not to lack. But this stock will increase early January 2019, because the harvest has begun, "he said.

    Meanwhile, West Java The Bulog Divre Head of Logistics, Acahmad Mamun, added the current price of rice is still relatively high or above the HPP. But it's good for farmers, on the other hand consumers must have the ability to buy rice.

    "This is where the role of bulog to keep the prices on the market. It's okay if the price is high, this is good for our farmers. But also need stabilization so that consumers can also buy, "he said.

    Especially for West Java, every month as much as 5000 tons of rice from Bulog are spread entire the West Java region. jo

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