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    Beware of Dollar, Bulog Delivers Rice


    BANDUNG - The US Dollar is now increasingly expensive, even reaching almost Rp. 15,000 per US Dollar. The rising US dollar is feared to trigger price increases, including basic needs, including rice.

    To anticipate it, Bulog entire Indonesia began launching rice into traditional markets through the Medium Rice Supply and Stabilization Availability Program in 2018. In West Java the program was launched at the Cimahi City Logistics Bureau on Wednesday (5/9).

    Attended at the launch were the Bulog Supervisory Board / Expert Minister, Strategic Food Distribution and Food Distribution Division Spudnik Sujono, and National Logistics Agency General Director Achmad Mamun.

    "There is no direct relationship with the dollar, but we always anticipate that inflation in rice prices for not too high. Our task is for rice prices are stable, for farmers, merchant and also affordable for consumers, "he said on the sidelines of the launch.

    He said that Bulog rice would be distributed to points prone to a shortage of rice supply, so that the stability of rice prices could be maintained. "Regardless of the need for price stabilization, Bulog is ready to fulfill it," he said.

    He also expressed his gratitude to the West Java Bureau of Logistics which continues to improve the quality of medium and premium rice with the latest processing technology. Related to the existence of poor quality, according to him, it still be tolerated because the amount it just a few.

    "There are findings, for example in Indramayu, but it is very small, not significant. It has been repaired, "he said. jo

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