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    The Companies Existence Should Be Beneficial for the Community


    BANDUNG - Togetherness within a company between the owners of companies and their employees is the key that should be maintained as part towards the success of a company. This issue was raised West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan.
    "Togetherness is the key word. Of course we want the togetherness, throughout the community in the respective company and its environment," he said.
    According to the Governor, a company will reach the peak of his prowess when company has maximum profit.
    "The greatness of companies today still have a value measured when profits exceed the target," said the Governor, the inauguration of Joint Projects in West Java CSR CSR-2015, at Gedung Sate, Wednesday (02/03)
    However, according to the Governor, profits derived by an enterprise are not only divided internally within the company itself but should also by communities around the company.
    "The social value of the company was already set aside for giving benefits to communities through the CSR program," he said.
    Governor stressed that the company will not hurt if some of the profits were given to the local community through its social programs.
    "Someone who is aware of the large advantages, they will provide social benefits to the surrounding area," said the Governor.


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