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    West Java IDI has Improved


    BANDUNG - Indonesian Democracy Index (IDI) of West Java Province (Jabar) in 2017 reached 68.78 in the index scale of 0 to 100. This figure has increased compared to the IDI of West Java Province 2016 which achieved 66.82.

    However, based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) in West Java, despite changes, Indonesia's level of democracy is still in the medium category.

    IDI's achievements from 2009 to 2017 have fluctuated. At the beginning calculated in 2009, the achievement of IDI was only 71.07. This number continuously to change until reaching the highest moment in 2015 of 73.04 itself.

    The fluctuation of IDI's numbers be a reflection of the situation of democratic dynamics in West Java. IDI as a measure of a typical democratic development indeed designed to be sensitive to the up and downs of democratic conditions.

    "IDI is arranged carefully based on the incident (evidence-based) so the resulting portrait is a reflection of the existing reality," said Head of BPS West Java Doddy Herlando.

    BPS also said, in three aspects of democracy measured in 2017, the Civil Liberties aspect index experienced a slight increase of 0.24 points compared to 2016. Meanwhile, the value index of the Political Rights decreased 1.32 points while the Democracy Institution increased to 9.37 points.

    Index aspects of Civil Liberties and Political Rights are in the medium category, while the aspect of Democracy Institutions, despite experiencing a significant increase, is still in the bad category. (jo)

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