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    Seren Taun, Iriawan Participates in the Rice Mash Ceremony


    KUNINGAN REGENCY- The Cigugur citizens in Kuningan regency held again the Seren Taun ceremony this year. The event was centered on the National Heritage Building Gedung Paseban, Cigugur, Kuningan District, Monday (3/9/18) or 22 Rayagung 1951 Saka.

    In the event that was held as a form of gratitude for the achievements of this year's harvest, official West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan with Indonesian Presidential Staff Chief Moeldoko and Kuningan Regent Acep Purnama attended the rice mash event that was the final part of the Seren Taun.

    "This ceremony (Seren Taun) as we know is meaningful. This is one of the manifestations of the citizen's gratitude, especially in Kuningan for what was achieved in a year," said Iriawan in his greeting.

    "This is for strengthen the relationship between human beings and the social creatures. It is carried out every year with an event that never breaks. Incredible. Thank you, Sundanese culture for being adopted in the Kuningan District that we loved," he continued.

    Furthermore, Iriawan explained that Seren Taun was a reflection of a great Sundanese personality. This is a reflection of the close relationship between humans and nature. Where the number 22 means if there is a harvest of 22 quarts, 20 quintals will be used and the remaining two quintals for seeds.

    "This is a great reflection of the Sundanese personal, balanced and respectful of nature. I think it is extraordinary, how the relationship continues to be fostered between nature and humans and humans and nature," Iriawan said.

    Iriawan as official Governor of the West Java Provincial Government gave appreciated this cultural activity, and requested that the same event will be held every year.

    Can Be a Leading Tourism Destination

    On this occasion, Iriawan also requested that Seren Taun not just to be used as a ceremonial event. This cultural activity can be published widely to become a world-class tourist destination.

    "I also ask that this should not only be used as a ceremonial method only for provincial or district scope, I ask that this can be published by friends (media) to become tourist destination, especially foreign tourists," Iriawan pleaded.

    "Because this is quite interesting, it is not to lose with Bali. Why Bali can but West Java can't?" he said. with become a leading tourist attraction, Iriawan hopes Seren Taun can be more down to earth.

    "We already talked so that this can be a leading object of tourism both domestically and abroad, so that with this they will be more down to earth, and more global Seren Taun here. I said before this is not to lose with Bali, Lombok," he concluded.

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