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    Iwa Karniwa Forms a Bobotoh Cooperative


    PANGANDARAN - Today Bobotoh is not only a 'cheerleader' when Persib Bandung competes in the stadium. But quite a lot bobotoh is opening business, such as moving a convection or march business that is identical to their pride team.

    West Java Regional Secretary (Sekda) Iwa Karniwa said it would encourage populist economy which has been cultivated by Bobotoh. Given that Iwa was assigned as Chair of the Board of Trustees in one organization Maung Bandung supporters, namely the Viking Persib Club (VPC).

    "It is planned to form a Bobotoh cooperative which is expected to be a cooperative this is a strong component as the basis for Bobotoh members to do
    his business, "Iwa said on the sidelines of the 25th Anniversary of the VPC on the East Pangandaran Beach, Saturday (1/9) night.

    If possible, this cooperative will also have shares in PT Persib Bandung Dignity (PBB). So it's not just as a supporter at the stadium, but bobotoh can have a more active role in making the team more advanced.

    "Bobotoh feels that being an owner (Persib),they will be more loving because of the own part ,"he said.

    Furthermore, he also takes pride in the development and culture of Bobotoh currently . Especially for VPCs who celebrate their 25th anniversary with great fanfare, on 1-2 September 2018.

    Indeed, thousands of bobotoh participated in Pangandaran to commemorate the highlight of the birthday event with the title 'Turn Into Gold'. Various talents, like Pas The band, Rosemary and several other local bands took part in entertaining bobotoh.

    The most special, Iwa said, for this time, the VPC anniversary was held on the 
    Pangandaran beach. Thus, it also supports tourism in West Java. Therefore, Iwa felt the need to take time to attend the event venue even though he had just gone through long trip after attending joint activities with the Provincial Government (Pemprov) West Java in Singapore, Friday (8/31).

    "I am from Singapore directly at 1:00 a.m., to give something enthusiasm and encouragement. Where this event is the most spectacular, "he said.

    Iwa invited VPC members to build solidarity and increase support for Persib, who is pursuing hope in the League 1 2018 event. Especially at this time Persib needs double motivation to consistently dominate the standings on this highest caste competition.

    "Our temporary standings are ranked first, so the next is expected Persib won," he said.

    Equally important, he asked, VPC always maintain conduciveness domestic football, especially in West Java. Thus will create a sense of security and comfortable in every Maung Bandung match.

    "Building solidarity in the framework of continuing to encourage the creation of a climate conducive in West Java, "he explained (Pun).

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