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    Inaugurate Acting Mayor Bekasi, Iriawan Wanted Ruddy Focusing on President Election - Legislative Election


    BANDUNG - Acting Governor of West Java Mochamad Iriawan inaugurates Toto Muhammad Toha as Acting Mayor of Bekasi replacing previous Acting Ruddy Gandakusumah in the West Hall of Gedung Sate Bandung, Friday (08/31/2018).

    In fact, the position of Ruddy Gandakusumah ended when the inauguration of the Bekasi Mayor definitively resulted in simultaneous elections in 2018. However, Iriawan wanted Ruddy Gandakusumah to focus as the Head of the West Java National and Political Unity Agency (Bakesbangpol). Moreover, it will soon enter the campaign stage for the Pileg and Pilpres.

    "I as the executor of the government in West Java need it to return to the Province and focus as the head of the Bakesbangpol whose task is no less important," said Iriawan.

    According to him, entering the stages of the Presidential Election and Pileg needed a large role for the Head of Bakesbangpol in realizing copyright conditions. In addition, its role is also important when the inauguration of the West Java Governor of Regents and Mayors elected the results of simultaneous local elections in September.

    "Now Mr. Ruddy can come back to back up. I realize the conditions leading up to the campaign period of the Pileg and Pilpres and the inauguration of West Java Regent and Mayor results from the simultaneous local election yesterday. Obviously we need escort and intense handling especially the role of Mr. Ruddy as the head of West Java Bakesbangpol. I ordered him to work optimally and submit reports every day to the Governor, "explained Iriawan.

    According to him, during his time as Acting Mayor of Bekasi, he had difficulty coordinating due to Ruddy's busy life. As is known, besides serving as the Head of West Java Police Agency, Ruddy also served as secretary of the West Java Regional Intelligence Committee (Kominda).

    "Like during the Pilgub yesterday I was quite difficult to communicate with him even though the time was quite urgent and in dire need," he said.

    Iriawan said, this replacement was in addition to the tour of duty for new officials as well as for the refresher of the duties of the Mayor of Bekasi. Iriawan assessed, as long as he was the Mayor of Bekasi, Ruddy Gandakusumah had carried out his duties very well with various breakthroughs and innovations. In addition, Ruddy also managed to guard the election of Bekasi Mayor and Deputy Mayor so that it was smooth and safe. His success was also evident from the additional assignments given when Bekasi City had the opportunity to host the 2018 Asian Games Football Sports at the Patriot stadium.

    "Thank you to all levels in Bekasi City because the contingents from Hong Kong and Laos would like to thank and appreciate the welcoming reception and good conditions at the Patriot stadium," he said.

    "Mr. Ruddy has carried out his duties very well and hopefully his successor can continue what Pak Ruddy has pioneered," added Iriawan.

    As is known in accordance with the rules the Act to become Acting Mayor must be someone with the rank of high rank pratama where Toto Muhammad Toha has fulfilled it.

    "I, as Governor Actor, advised Mr. Toto to carry out his duties, authority and obligations by referring to the laws and regulations. Also every activity periodically submits reports to the Minister of Home Affairs through me. Establishes partnership communication with all stakeholders and maintains political stability in the City of Bekasi," Iriawan said.

    Besides being the Mayor of Bekasi, Toto also served as the Head of Regional II BKPP in West Java where the City of Bekasi became one of its coverage areas.

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