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    Iriawan Requests BPKP Monitoring Development in West Java


    BANDUNG-Acting Governor of West Java Mochamad Iriawan, asked the Performance and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP), to be optimal in overseeing financial performance and development developments in West Java, both Central and Regional.

    For that, Iriawan said that his party had discussed with the Head of Representative of BPKP West Java regarding monitoring, which was addressed to each agency, in the work environment of the West Java Provincial Government.

    "Monitoring was carried out," said Iriawan at Nagara Pakuan Building, Bandung, Thursday (08/30/2018).

    According to Iriawan, monitoring is carried out as a preventive measure, to avoid deviations from a development process.

    "Deviations can be done by outside agencies or parties, but it is not known by the unit head," he said.

    "Both he 'turns' to know but is silent, or deflected. But before there must be prevention efforts to all so that there are no financial problems, especially for development," he hoped.

    Iriawan also added, that the BPKP was very helpful for the smooth performance of the Office in West Java Province. One of them is the process of receiving new students in high school / vocational school / MA which is now the authority of the province.

    "The team has been supervising, it is prone to practice there, but has not been found cheating, but this is a kind of prevention. To eliminate the occurrence of fraud. So far, overall Alhamdulilah is conducive," he said.

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