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    West Java Dairy Farmers Partner with Third Parties


    JAKARTA (08/30/2018) - For PT. Frisian Flag Indonesia (FFI), a local dairy farmer in Indonesia is one of the strategic partners that supports the company, both to help the government meet the milk needs in Indonesia and to grow the company's business.

    This is what underlies FFI's commitment to continue to strengthen partnerships with local dairy farmers, both through dairy cooperatives and farmer groups, which began in 1996. The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with six dairy cooperatives and dairy farmer groups in West Java is one form of strengthening FFI's commitment.

    "The role of local Indonesian dairy farmers is very important to us at FFI. It is they who have been ensuring the smooth production of our dairy products by providing raw materials for quality fresh cow's milk. That is why the partnership with the dairy cooperative and the dairy farmers group has been done for a long time and will continue, "said Corporate Affairs Director of FFI Andrew F. Saputro.

    Andrew added, "Long before the Ministry of Agriculture No.26 / 2017, we did and will continue to continue the partnership with local dairy farmers. Even this partnership is not only limited to the absorption of raw materials for fresh milk to be produced, but also an effort to empower farmers. We want them to be able to improve the quality and productivity of dairy products that will affect their economy in the long run. "To support this, various programs have been implemented by FFI, one of which is encouraging them to carry out good governance and governance of livestock (Good Dairy Farming Practice - GDFP). "We are even preparing a Milk Village (Dairy Village) which will be launched in the near future. The hope is that this Milk Village can become a GDFP pilot project for farmers in Indonesia, "Andrew said again.

    FFI's partnership commitment has recently been strengthened through the signing of an MoU with dairy farmers and farmers' groups in West Java. Six cooperatives and cattle breeders groups in West Java who attended the signing of the MoU on 1 August 2018 were North Bandung Cattle Breeders Cooperatives (KPSBU) Lembang; South Bandung Breeders Cooperative (KPBS) Pangalengan; Koperasi Bayongbong Garut; Koperasi Saluyu Kuningan; Sinar Mulya Peternak Group; and Kemuning Valley Breeders Group. Legal & Regulatory Affairs FFI Director Frida Oktaria Chalid became the company representative who signed the MoU, while the Chairperson or Owner became representatives of each West Java Cooperative and Breeders Group.

    Chairman of the Indonesian Milk Cooperative Association (GKSI) and Chair of the KPSBU Lembang, Dedi Setiadi, expressed his highest appreciation for the FFI initiative. "Through the signing of this MoU, farmers have the opportunity to be involved in various empowerment programs run by FFI. Thus, they can develop themselves to increase the productivity and quality of their dairy products which is very influential for the welfare of dairy farmers. We hope that the signing of this MoU can be the beginning of strengthening the long-term partnership and able to support a better life for our dairy farmers, "said Dedi after the signing of the MoU.

    According to data from the West Java Province Food and Livestock Security Office in 2016, there were more than 123,000 dairy cows in the West Java region with more than 20,000 dairy farmers registered as members of the cooperative. With the natural conditions that exist in West Java, the growth potential of the dairy farming industry is still very high so that it becomes the focus of the FFI area in supporting the development of Indonesian dairy farmers. "We want this partnership with FFI not only to continue, but also to continue to grow and reach more dairy farmers in Indonesia," hoped Dedi.

    The signing of a cooperation agreement with local dairy farmers will not only be conducted by FFI with cooperatives and dairy farmers in West Java alone. In September 2018, FFI will also sign a cooperation agreement with cooperatives and dairy farmer groups in Central and East Java. All of these efforts are part of strengthening FFI's commitment to the prosperity of local dairy farmers in Indonesia. (Even)

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