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    357,885 Toddlers Targeted of Polio Vaccination


    BANDUNG-A total of 357,885 children under five in Bandung regency are targeted the implementation of PIN (National Immunisation) for Polio that will take place from March 8 to 15, 2016. The Health Department of Bandung Regency has prepared 4,318 post vaccination for Polio that involving 1,440 health workers as supervisors and 12,954 cadre personnel.

    "Every post vaccination will be served by three trained cadres with the task of moving people to come, setting the service flow of immunisation, recording the immunisation results and giving marks on the child's left finger nail," said the head of health department Dr. H. Dedi Achmad Kustijadi, M. Epid while mentioning other duties of supervisor to coordinate every 3 to 5 pos vaccination to ensure the implementation of PIN while also monitoring the adequacy of logistics.

    He sure that the implementation PIN in Bandung regency could reach more than 95 percent. That confidence, judging from the enthusiasm of the community towards the implementation PIN with adequate of personnel service in addition to the active involvement of the volunteers in each RW. “Even there is constraints may exist, but its percentage was very small, such as their rejection of immunisation due to conviction. To overcome this, we did persuasive approach while explaining benefits of polio vaccine for early childhood,” said H. Dedi Achmad Kustijadi.

    Mentioned, facilities required for the implementation is considered to be adequate, as the number of polio vaccine has been prepared as many as 16,846 pieces, 4,266 thermos, 1,667 pieces of vaccine carrier and refrigerators as many as 75 pieces.

    In addition to the post vaccination for polio that is under the coordination of the Health Department, the service of Polio vaccination can also be conducted in every Puskesmas, health centres, private clinics, posyandu, polindes, poskedes or hospital. The service time started at 08.00 and its totally free.

    The chairman of the TP PKK Bandung regency, Hj. Kurnia Agustina Dadang Naser asked each members in their respective RT, RW and villages to urge people especially mothers with children under five to come to post vaccination and conducting Polio immunisation.

    "Polio immunisation is very important for the children's growth in the future, therefore I urge the women to participate this time. Let's take this opportunity as well as for the health of our children,” said Hj. Kurnia Agustina.

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