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    Five Potential Sports at the Olympics


    JAKARTA - The 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta - Palembang provide good hopes for medal achievements at the 2020 International Olympics event in Tokyo Japan. There are at least five sports that have the potential to gain gold.

    The sport is proven by the gold achievement gained during the 2018 Asian Games. The sports include weightlifting, rock climbing, karate, tennis and rowing.

    Information from the INASGOC Media Center, these five sports gain gold, making the Ministry of Youth and Sports optimistic to gain medals at the upcoming 2020 Olympics.

    For information, Olympic sports gold was donated by Eko Yuli Irawan on the 62 kg male weightlifting sport. Then in the women's speed rock climbing sports where the flagship athlete is Aries Susanti Rahayu.

    The next sport is the 60 kg kumite number karate son where gold is presented by Rifki Ardiansyah Arrosyiid. The mixed doubles tennis won gold by Christopher Rungkat and Aldila Sutjiadi. The last is the LM8 + rowing team which also won the 2018 Asian Games gold.

    A number of records were also made by Asian Games athletes. Indonesia also managed to set a national record in the Long Jump sport with a jump of 8.09 meters in the name of Sapwatturahman. Previously the farthest leap was 7.98 meters in his own name. jo

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