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    Additional Silver for Indonesia From Athletics


    Compete at Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) Jakarta, Thursday night, four Indonesian runners managed to finish with a time of 38.77 seconds.

    With that note, Then Muhammad Zohri and his friends succeeded in finishing second or entitled to a silver medal. This number of gold medals was taken by the Japanese team with a time of 38.16 seconds, while China won bronze with a time of 38.89 seconds.

    Since the starting line, the Japanese team that dropped Ryota Yamagata continued to lead the race to the end which put runner Aska Antonio Cambridge.

    Meanwhile Indonesia lowered Fadlin as the first runner then Lalu Muhammad Zohri, Eko Rimbawan and Bayu Kertanegara as the fourth runner.

    Until the second runner, Indonesia was still in a large group but starting the third runner Eko Rimbawan had already begun to leave his competitors even competing with China's third runner Su Bingtian.

    Entering the fourth runner Indonesia Bayu Kertanegara was still slightly behind with China's fourth runner Xu Welhsu but 50 meters ahead of the finish line Indonesian runners began leaving Chinese runners to enter the finish line.

    While in the 4 x 100 meters women's gold medal was won by the Bahrain team who dropped Essa Iman, Odiong Odidiong, Alkhaldi Hajar and Naser Salwa with a time of 42.73 seconds while breaking the Asian Games record on behalf of the Chinese team with a time of 42.83 seconds.

    Silver medals were won by China with runners Liang Xiojing, Wei Yongli, Ge Mangi and Yuan Qiqi with a time of 43.82 seconds while bronze won by Kazakzstan (Viktoriya Zyabkina, Elina Mikhina, Svetlana Golendova and Olga Safronova) 43.82 seconds.

    Entering 100 meters before finishing China's fourth runner Yuan Qiqi was still leading ahead but at 50 meters ahead of finishing Bahrain's fourth runner Salwa Naser immediately jumped and entered the finish line first. Jo

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