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    Construction of Cikembar Airport is constrained by the runway


    BANDUNG-Acting Governor of West Java H. Mochamad Iriawan said there were a number of obstacles related to the construction of the airport in Cikembar, Sukabumi Regency, one of which was constrained by the runway.

    "Especially (Airport) in Cikembar yesterday there has been a little debatable because for the runway it cannot be too long. There is a long one in Citarate, Ujung Genteng but it is too far away. It's over 3 hours from Sukabumi," said M Iriawan, at the State Building. Pakuan Bandung, Thursday.

    He said ideally the length of the airport runway in Cikembar could reach 1,600 meters or 1,800 so that the ATR 72 aircraft could land at the airport.

    "Runway is ideally 1,600 so that the ATR Aircraft that contains 80 people can land. So it is also a big haul. So that is a debateble. Hopefully it can be 1800 because the land also has enough contour," he said.

    On Friday this week, according to Iriawan, the Ministry of Transportation will discuss issues related to the construction of the Cikembar Airport.

    "If it can be extended again for ATR aircraft, because if the twin other is only 14 people useless. But I want to pursue it so it can be. Because if it can't be transferred to another place," he said.

    Another issue related to the construction of Cikembar Airport is the presence of sutets at the airport location and hills around the airport that support aircraft maneuvers.

    According to him, the construction of the Airport in Cikembar is an urgent matter and needs to be realized immediately, considering the Ciletuh-Palabuhan ratu Unesco Global Geopark has been recognized by the world and its beauty is not inferior to geopark in other countries.

    The distance from the prospective location of Cikembar Airport to Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu Unesco Global Geopark is around 30 kilometers.

    "The access road to Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu Unesco Global Geopark has been smooth as expected. I hope there is an acceleration of the airport, yesterday I saw the land in Cikembar directly, this can lure more tourists," he said. (Pun)

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