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    Parliament Member Rejects Salt Imports and Protect the Fishermen


    BANDUNG-Member of Commission IV of the House of Representatives Rofi Munawar confirmed that the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) faction remains committed to not open the chance on salt importing. Fishermen must be protected through the provision of subsidies and insurance protection.

    "From the beginning, the PKS faction stressed to not importing salt anymore, and there should be subsidies and protection in the form of insurance for the fishermen. That's the priorities,” said Rofi in a press release received jabaprov.go.id, on Thursday (3/3/16).

    Vice Chairman of the PKS faction of Industry and Development (inbang) also confirmed, although the government deal with salt import for industrial purposes, but it was indirectly indicating that the local salt do not deserve to be in the salt Industry.

    "Why government does not improve the salt domestic quality into salt industry? So to reduce the salt imports and the living standards of farmers could be getting better,” said him.

    In addition, the PKS faction also committed to resist the Regulation No. 125 in 2015 on Imports of salt. Therefore, according to Rofi, the regulation has many weakness, including no provision that allowing the government to import the salt, though salts are in the local harvest conditions.

    "It's obviously going to hurt the farmers because there is no guarantee that the salt imports industrial will not fit into the traditional market. That's the problem. If this salt imports continue to be done, it will be difficult to achieve Swasembada of salt that have been proclaimed by the government until 2017,” said Rofi.

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