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    The Indonesian Water Polo Team Met Kazakhstan in the Quarterfinals


    JAKARTA - The men's water polo national team qualified for the quarter-finals, after the final round of matches beat Hong Kong with a score of 11-8 at the Aquatik Stadium, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday. Awaited by Kazakhstan's strong team in the quarter-finals.

    Ridjkie Mulia became the most productive player in the match by scoring 5 goals, followed by Delvin Felliciano who scored 2 goals, and Zaenal Arifin, Reza Auditya Putra, Silvester Goldberg Manik and M Hamid Firdaus who each contributed one goal.

    In that match Delvin Felliciano opened up the advantage of Indonesia in the first quarter which made the crowd at the Aquatic Stadium rumble, after the opening minutes of the game were quite tense.

    Indonesia was able to close the first quarter with a 3-0 lead, and Delvin Felliciano, Ridjkie Mulia and Silvester Goldberg Manik became the players who started Indonesia's victory in the first eight minutes.

    The second quarter, the match began to run in balance and both teams were equally brave to attack with far-forward throws. Hong Kong and Indonesia were finally able to score three goals, but in total Indonesia won 6-3.

    Entering the third quarter, Indonesia raised the tempo of attack. Even though it runs rather hard, the results were able to excel with a score of 3-2, or the total score to be 9-5.

    Hong Kong won in the fourth quarter with a score of 3-2, but Wai Ho Yim and his friends had to admit Indonesia's victory because in total Milos Sakovic's team still excelled with a score of 11-8.

    "Already in accordance with the target of qualifying for the quarter-finals. We appreciate the struggle of players who are able to qualify and excel in the match against Hong Kong. This will be a lesson for the team's future preparedness, especially for the next tournament," Sakovic said after the match.

    One of the Indonesian national team players, Ridjkie Mulia admitted that at the beginning of the match he had played well, but in the middle it had decreased because the players had lost concentration.

    While after the preliminary round, the men's water polo sport will continue to the quarter-finals by bringing together four group A teams, and four group B teams to decide to qualify for the 2018 Asian Games semifinals. In the quarter-finals, the Indonesian national team is scheduled to meet Kazakhstan which ranks first group A, and the match was held on Thursday (30/8) at Aquatik Stadium, Senayan, Jakarta, this Thursday afternoon. jo

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