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    Regional Secretary Iwa was awarded a Special Education Teacher Motivator Award


    BANDUNG - Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province Iwa Karniwa received the award as Motivator of Special Education Teachers from the Indonesian Special Education Teachers Association (IGPKhI). The award was presented directly by the General Chairperson of IGPKhI Agus Mulyawan, at the peak of the West Java Special Education Teacher's Event at Click Square Jl. Naripan No. 89 Bandung, Saturday (08/25/2018) night.

    Agus said that the award was based on the contribution of the Iwa Regional Secretary in making West Java a pioneer in the field of special education. He added, West Java was one of the provinces that first formed the IGPKhI. Agus also claimed to be moved by the enthusiasm of special education teachers in West Java who attended this event.

    "This IGPKhI is the only unifying forum for special education teachers in Indonesia, and West Java is one of the earliest to form this IGPKhI. West Java has always been a pioneer in the field of special education. Thank you, Mr. Iwa, "Agus said in his address.

    "I was very appreciative and moved because all participants in West Java were very excited to participate in this activity from yesterday," he continued.

    This Special Education Teacher Training Program was held for two days, which was filled with chess competitions, fashion show competitions, vocal group competitions, as well as a professionalism seminar for special educators. This event became the first point of the implementation of special education teacher training, then a similar event will be held in Garut Regency, Tasikmalaya Regency, and ends in Depok City.

    In addition to being a place to strengthen the quality of the performance of special education teachers, this event is also a means of entertainment and refreshing for teachers, where previously there were no activities that were specifically reserved for these special educators. Secretary of Iwa expressed his appreciation for the sacrifices of the teachers in special schools, which he considered very heavy. Therefore, Iwa hopes that the teachers can take advantage of the moment of this event to relax for a while while staying in touch.

    "I have a very high appreciation, a broad appreciation to the teacher, really, her soul is dedicated to children with special needs," said Iwa Regional Secretary.

    "Although the efforts of the mother's father are very heavy every day, but today everyone must enjoy, must be relaxed, must be happy all," he continued.

    Secretary of the Iwa also signed a Great Practical Guide to Being a Teacher and Parent's book for Children with Autistic Disorders. The book was compiled by Nani Triani, Zahara, Isaris Arwianti and Djulaiha Sukmana, as a sign of love for special education teachers.

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