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    Open the Elementary School Student Road Race, Iwa State School Deliver Four Messages


    BANDUNG - Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province Iwa Karniwa officially opened the Student Student Street Motion Competition Elementary School (SD) in Bandung Raya, in the East Parking Area, Gedung Sate Bandung, Sunday (08/26/2018) morning. This road race was held to commemorate the anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia as well as the 73rd West Java Anniversary, and was attended by around 300 male students from 27 public and private elementary schools throughout Bandung Raya.

    On this occasion the Secretary of Iwa delivered four messages to all elementary students, namely to always maintain cleanliness by not littering, and forbidding students to eat carelessly which could adversely affect the health of students.

    "You suggest my children, do not throw litter, do not eat carelessly. Later, I will see a stomach (stomach ache), "Iwa said, smiling and laughing at the students.

    Iwa also advised the students to always put forward a friendly attitude. Although minor disputes do occur frequently, students must forgive each other in order to maintain their friendship. In addition, Iwa reminded students to limit the use of their devices (gadgets), especially at times that are not the time to play the device.

    "You must be friends. I also used to be friends, like to fight (fight) until rolling around, but immediately improve again, sorry, sorry again. Finally, do not play gadgets constantly, especially if it's not the time, "Iwa ordered.

    "I am proud of my children, all of them, their enthusiasm makes my memory drift into childhood first," he said.

    The student elementary school students' walking contest with the theme "With Student Walks, We Spur The Walking Spirit To School" is competing for the Governor Trophy, Mayor Trophy, Award Charter, coaching money and door prize.

    The first time it was released in Gedung Sate, the route for the journey that the participants would go through was 3.5 kilometers. Starting from the gate of Gedung Sate on Jalan Cimandiri to Jalan Cimanuk, past the Elderly Park to Jalan Diponegoro to Jalan Ir. H. Djuanda. Next the route through Jalan Wira Angun-angun and Jalan Bahureksa, exit through Banda Road until you enter the gate of Gedung Sate on Jalan Cimandiri.

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