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    LPKA West Java officers are still lacking


    BANDUNG-The number of human resources (HR) or officers of the Special Penitentiary for Children (LPKA) of West Java Province is still minimal so that it often doubles other tasks.

    "There are only 47 officers here, so they often hold other tasks. For example, besides being a guard officer, a team of 3 people is taken. So the rest is to do the administration," LPKA head Jabar Sri Yanti told reporters at the LPKA office on Jl. Bandung Horse Race, Thursday (08/23/2018).

    Sri said, in addition to being a guard officer also became an educator and escorted out if the assisted children get conditional leave. He hopes that in the future there will be additional LPKA officers. The acceptance of CPNS by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia so that there is a distribution and placement of new officers in LPKA West Java.

    "This is very helpful in the implementation of education, especially in extracurricular education in LPKA West Java," he said.

    In addition, with the fulfillment of children's needs can avoid violence against children, especially bullying acts that are often experienced by weak children. Moreover, the treatment of new prison residents.

    "With the coaching officers being carried out every day it is hoped that this buliying can be eliminated," he said. Meanwhile, immoral violations and acts of violating public order still dominate the residents of LPKA West Java. According to Sri, the average action was triggered because of curiosity and a sense of solidarity with his friends. "Most inhabited by underage immigrants and brawls," he concluded. (Even)

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